B&B Provides the Following Services.

B&B Credit and Collections rates are very competitive. All collection accounts forwarded are handled with no upfront fees and no hidden costs to the client.

Once B&B Credit and Collections receives the account from the client, the first collection letter goes out that day. The letter is sent to the patient/guarantor stating that he or she is in B&B Credit and Collections representing the client. All telephone calls to the patient/guarantor are conducted in a professional and respectful manor. Remember, we at B&B Credit and Collections are representing you, the client.

Once payments are received, a monthly activity invoice will be sent to the client showing who paid, the date that it was paid and how much was paid. All checks and money orders are deposited into the B&B Credit and Collections trust account and are dispersed at the end of each month made payable to the client.

Attorney Followup:

If the account placed at B&B Credit and Collections cannot be collected, we forward the account to our collection attorneys at no additional cost to the client. Our attorney sends out a demand letter on their letterhead stating the amount of the debt and the B&B Credit and Collections client to which the money is owed for services rendered. A copy of all attorney correspondence will be forwarded from B&B Credit and Collections to the client for their records. If no response from the patient/guarantor, legal action takes place upon the clients request.

There are fees in which the attorney needs to start this procedure. They are legal to do so. These fees are added to the amount the patient/guarantor owes, such as entry fees, advanced court costs and sheriff fees. Monies that are collected by our attorneys are deposited into the B&B Credit and Collections trust account and forwarded to our client.

Please call us Toll Free at (800) 833-9977 or (603) 436-1466 with any questions that may help you with your collection needs.