About B&B Credit and Collections, Inc.

Established in 1992, B&B Credit and Collections Inc. is a full service collection agency for Attorneys, Physicians, Dentists, Chiropractors, Surgery Centers, Veterinary Hospitals and the recovery of returned checks.

Our philosophy continues to be, "NO CALL IS TOO SMALL." We work with our clients through all stages of the collection process.. from the initial signs of a delinquent account all the way through legal action if it becomes necessary.

The B&B Credit and Collections goal is to get the money owed as quickly as possible. Some collection agencies use unethical and aggressive tactics to collect on overdue accounts. B&B Credit and Collections follows the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act. All collection accounts at B&B Credit and Collections are handled with trust and confidentiality within the rules and regulations set up by the state of New Hampshire. B&B Credit and Collections has been dedicated in maintaining the highest quality of standards in collections for our clients with RESPECT and PROFESSIONALISM over the years.

In your practice / buisness, your cash flow can be affected by slow paying or non paying clients. B&B Credit and Collections understands your needs and our services are designed to keep your patient / client relationship in good standing.